Back to Basics: Quick tips for great video

Let's be real: being "in the know" of juicy info is exciting. Amiright? 
A sneak peak of the most anticipated movie of the year.
The professor's notes before the next exam.
How they make those baby corn on the cobs.

OK, that last one was a childhood curiosity of mine, but in any case, knowing is good. 

So what do you know about video? If you're just getting started, I want you to know the basics. That's what I'm covering in today's video. As a professional video producer, I know once you have the basics down you can grow and improve from there.

I almost quit + How to make space on your iPhone

Non. Stop. Work.

That was my life, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]. The last two months were insanely busy for me. I was neck deep in client work: producing videos, overseeing edits, traveling for shoots, keeping constant contact with my client to ensure we are on track for all their videos and upcoming live event. It was 14+ hour days non-stop.

If you're wondering, these weekly videos and educational social posts are my "side hustle". By trade, I am a professional video producer providing quality videos to my business clients through my company, Blue Denim Media. So when the client work became all consuming the last couple months, I had no choice but to take a bit of a break from my online posts. I only posted two videos in August as opposed to my usual weekly videos.

I felt so horribly guilty. In my mind, I dropped the ball. I failed. Was I supposed to pick it up the ball again? Should I not bother? This is my "all or nothing," perfectionist mentality. I missed a couple weeks so I should just pack things up and forget about it. Anyone else relate?

Note to self: calm down

The cool thing is in the last couple weeks I've had countless people--in person and online--tell me how much they're learning from my videos. It's been so encouraging to hear! I mean, that's the whole point of this little endeavor: teach the basics of video so anyone can create polished videos to connect with their audience online. It's actually happening! I am. Ball in hand, posting another video.

I don't have to tell you all this, but I want to be honest with you. Entrepreneurship is hard and can be all consuming. So many times you're doing it all by yourself, but it's still worth it. So if you're in the same "court" as me, know you will "drop the ball" sometimes, but you can always pick it back up and make it a learning experience. The last few weeks have pushed me to consider how to make my video execution more efficient. I'm already working on a new plan--and once I have it down I'll be passing that info to you. ;-) 

OK, on to today's video!

iPhones shoot great video, but you can't do much if you don't have space on your phone! So this short video will walk you through how to clear up space on your iPhone so you can always shoot your videos.

Thanks for reading this far. As someone who had little time to do much of anything the last couple months, I appreciate you taking the time to hear my story.

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Video statistics that'll blow your mind

Tell me: were you good at math while in school? I was great at it. Until I hit Algebra 2 and pre-calculus in high school and statistics in college. Oooof! Was I rudely awakened to *not* knowing as much as I thought I did.

No worries though. I made it through and have an appreciation for numbers--and there are a few I want to share with you today.

In today's video I'm sharing a few video marketing statistics that will blow your mind. If you're not already using video to market yourself, you are missing out on the most effective marketing tool there is. I hope these numbers convince you.

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Creating a cool background for your videos

Ever heard the phrase, "There's a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror."? In short, it means we generally want to look forward in our lives and not dwell too much on what's behind us. I totally agree, but when it comes to video, you actually do want to seriously consider what's behind you.

Setting up a background for your videos can make a big difference in the look of your videos. It's not that hard to do either. In this week's video I'm sharing three simple tips to create a background that pops for your videos.

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How to create your own stylized thumbnails

Tell your graphic designer you'll take it from here...

OK, maybe you don't have a graphic designer, but after what I show in today's video you'll be able to do some cool graphic designs for yourself.

If you've spent any time online, you've noticed thumbnails. Those images you see before a video plays. Some thumbnails are pretty cool with text and even emojis. I used to think only a graphic designer can do those special thumbnails, but then I learned of an online app that makes creating all kinds of branded images a breeze. 

Thumbnails are crucial for capturing viewers' attention, so I want to show you how quick and easy it is create stylized thumbnails for all your videos. I do just that in today's video.

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This app will improve your on camera speaking

Tell me the truth, does the thought of on camera speaking make you nervous at all? If it does, trust me, you're not alone. It is a very unnatural thing--this whole on camera speaking idea. It's not like cameras and microphones showed up with all of creation. 

But, there is great value in using video for your business. As a matter of fact, using video can help grow revenue 49% faster than not using video.

49% faster revenue growth??? Um, yeah...let's knock those on camera jitters out.

I found a really cool app to help you with on camera speaking. I think you'll have a lot of fun with it and you'll find it's something to help you ease into speaking on camera. I explain more in this week's video.

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What really connects you to your audience (be real)

I want to tell you a little story about tea and how it reminded me I don't need to waste my time being someone I'm not on video.

It all started when my sister had me taste this one tea that I'm now OBSESSED with. This tea tastes and smells like Christmas. #nojoke

I thought this was the best tea in the whole wide world--and believed everyone would agree with me. So naturally, I gave it away as Christmas presents last year. Well, imagine my surprise when some people didn't like it! 

As bizarre as this sounds, it really reminded why being real on camera and being myself is the way to go in order to connect with the right audience.

I explain more in today's video. Check it out and let let know what you think.

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3 Tips to RELAX On Camera

I once had a client that was so nervous for an on camera interview. I mean, nervous is an understatement. Finally, we decided to have her drink a glass of wine to help her relax. She drank several.

Yeah, things got...interesting after that.

Don't get me wrong, she did loosen up and share what she needed, but I don't think the interview was a funny as she led on. #gigglesfordays

On camera speaking can be tense and nerve wracking, but there are ways to loosen and enjoy the process. No, I'm not going to suggest you uncork a cab, but the tips I have will help you relax. In this week's video i share three tips to help relax when speaking on camera.

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iPhone vs Camera (PART 3)

Earlier this year director Steven Soderbergh  released, Unsane, movie shot entirely on iPhones.

This isn't the first film to be shot entirely on iPhones, but I bring this up because if entire feature length films are being shot with smartphones you can totally record a few minutes of valuable information for your audience. So what's holding you back? Whatever it is, I'm here to help so please let me know.

In this week's video we are covering a couple more differences between recording videos with an iPhone vs a camera. I also share a little more on what Mr. Soderbergh used to shoot his movie and how you can use the same for your videos.

Also, I have something new coming very soon, so be on the look out for my emails and more details. I don't want to give away too much right now, but just know it's all designed to step up your video game whether you've started making videos or not. Be. Excited.

Oh and if you missed the other installments to this series, check them out here and here.

iPhone vs Camera (PART 2)

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my vlog. I love you already. Well, OK, that's over the top, but really I think you're awesome. Because if you're here you've either considered or are currently creating your own videos. Yaaaaas!!!

You know the importance of video. I don't have to convince you of that. So if you haven't started creating videos that can only mean you're undecided on what equipment to use or where to get started. Well, I'm here to help you with that.

Let's start with the camera. This week I'm sharing my second installment in a series of videos comparing the iPhone 8 plus and my Canon DSLR. It's all to give you an understanding of what you can do with either option so you can start making your own videos and sharing your valuable message to your audience. Check it out and let me know what you think.

See you in front of the camera,

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