Three tips to start on-camera speaking right now

"I feel like I need to get more comfortable."
"I feel uncomfortable with hearing myself on video."
"I'm afraid of not sounding professional."

These are real life reasons I've received from entrepreneurs to explain why they have not started using video. I can totally relate to these excuses because I was there. I used to be very apprehensive about speaking on camera--and news flash, I was terrible when I first started! But I KNEW I had valuable information to share with entrepreneurs online. So...I started making videos.

Here's that truth: You have a valuable message for your audience, too. And while you may be using others forms of communication, the effectiveness of video can raise your results to another level.

So I want you to get started with on-camera speaking right now. To help you with that, this week's video shares three tips to get you started right away.

Check it out and let me know how you're on-camera speaking journey unfolds.

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